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Congratulations on the success of the Chang'e 6 mission of the Moon Project! 2024-6-25

  On 25 June, the Chang'e 6 return vehicle successfully landed with lunar samples from the back of the moon, completing a new breakthrough in China's space technology. Over the past 20 years, all comrades involved in the development and construction of the Moon Exploration Project have carried forward the spirit of exploring the moon, climbed the scientific and technological peaks, made significant achievements that have attracted worldwide attention, and walked out of the road of high-quality, high-efficiency and cost-effective lunar exploration.
     For space missions, optical components are the key to space observation. High-precision optics and lenses enable satellites to clearly capture the faint light of distant galaxies, revealing the mysteries of the universe for us. In astronomical telescopes, they help scientists observe the birth and demise of stars, detect mysterious black holes, and study the characteristics of distant planets.

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